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First - thank you for checking out TheHempCloud.

TheHempCloud is a brand new shopping experience focused on one thing: hemp.

    We are the type of people that know that hemp could basically solve Any of the world's problems. In my opinion, hemp is "the pinnacle of physics". A lifeform that is so in tune with universe that it is approaching the limits of what is possible from a plant.

    Anyways.. supposedly hemp has like 25,000 uses. That means that there are countless products that can be made from hemp. But hemp products are not something that you see everyday in brick and mortar stores. Of course you could surf the web looking for these items but search engine shopping isn't exactly smart. Without digging through pages and pages of results, you're never going to find all of your options, not to mention get the best price.

And that is where TheHempCloud comes in.

    Some cloud items are direct product links. Some cloud items are unique items that deserved there own page. While other item links have price comparison results and others do not.

    Then there is the price comparison search engine. A relatively new addition to TheHempCloud, the price search engine pulls hemp products from 100's of stores and displays them in a no-nonsense page. During the creation of TheHempCloud, it was noticed that this was something that hemp deserved, and is probably the most powerful feature of this site.

    TheHempCloud.com is technically not a store. We do not keep inventory - we do not sell products. All we do is make it easier for you to locate retailers that do sell hemp products and give you some guidance by providing you with price information.

    That's about it for now.. So show your support for hemp by actually purchasing it. Boost the hemp economy. There are some real unique products in TheHempCloud that were suprising finds.

If you have any complaints, questions, suggestions, whatever - don't hesitate to email us.

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