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Alterna Professional Haircare launches its groundbreaking Hemp Straight Collection

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2004

Alterna Professional Haircare announced today the launch of its Hemp Straight Collection. This powerful trio debuts with a sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and the relaunch of the heralded and best-selling Hemp Seed Straightening Balm, which has been repackaged to match the vibrant fuchsia of Hemp Straight.

AlternaÂ’s Hemp Straight Shampoo ( for 10.1 oz.) is a gentle, sulfate free cleanser that delivers conditioning, radiance and protection simultaneously for wavy or curly hair. AlternaÂ’s Hemp Straight Conditioner ( for 8.5 oz.) provides maximum conditioning agents, radiance and protection for wavy or curly hair. AlternaÂ’s Hemp Seed Straightening Balm (.90 for 5.1 oz.) is a thermal-styling crème gel that effectively straightens wavy or curly hair. True to AlternaÂ’s innovative package design, each product is vibrant fuchsia making it easier to retail so consumers can purchase the entire collection.

The straight of it is that our ground breaking product line not only achieves stick-straight hair but “holds” the style. AlternaÂ’s exclusive conditioning agents prevent moisture-related reversion of straightened hair back to curly. Environmental factors such as humidity sabotage straight hair! Therefore, a treatment that resists and blocks the hairÂ’s porosity and normalizes its condition from root to end is desirable. The collection is formulated with Straight-Line Complex™ to smooth and soften curly or wavy hair into sleek, straight styles. So conserve your coiffe and define your do with AlternaÂ’s new Hemp Straight Collection.

The Straight Solution:

The Straight-Line Complex™ combines naturally-derived and technologically advanced ingredients to deliver optimal conditioning and manageability to straight hair. Hemp Straight reduces the blow out time needed to achieve pin straight hair with the proprietary polymer in the Planell Oil Coat. The Marula oils and Planell Oil Coat both act as heat protectants, so it will not harm the hair when using blow dryers or flat irons. Alterna’s new Hemp Straight Collection contains the following ingredients:

Conditioning agents serve to “hydrophobe” the hair and lock-in moisture that prevent straightened hair from going back to curly. Planell Oil is an excellent shield against external moisture such as humidity. Marula Oil builds a moisture barrier and maintains healthy hair.

Polymers in the Planell Oil Coat hold the straight style which results in less blow out time. Oleo-Phytokeratin offers heat protection, improving hairÂ’s tensile strength and stretch. The low molecular weight allows for penetration into the hair which helps to maintain the style.
Hempseed Quat is a hair conditioning agent that effectively seals the hair from external moisture and increases shine.
The synergistic effect between the amino acids in Oleo-Phytokeratin boost hair radiance and shine resulting in lustrous tresses.

The bottom line is AlternaÂ’s new Hemp Straight Collection relaxes curly hair without the damage caused by alternatives.

What is Enzymetherapy?

Enzymetherapy delivers nutrients and enzymes deep into the scalp to help promote healthier looking hair. Combined with hemp seed oil, the advanced nanozyme technology in our BEC II Complex (Bio-Active Enzymatic) precisely targets and delivers protective and nutritive actives directly to the hair follicle. This powerful duo helps the hair assimilate and utilize proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for improved keratin formation.

Photozyme Complex with siliconized melanin provides improved affinity to hair for superior color protection. Powerful UV protectants guard against environmental color damage.

Renowned for the invention of Enzymetherapy®, AlternaÂ’s groundbreaking formulations and unsurpassed product performance set the industry standard for the finest hair care products available. Forward thinking, trend savvy and a step ahead of ever-evolving technology, Alterna is an independent beauty company dedicated to the success of professional stylists worldwide. Please call 888.4Alterna or visit our website at for more information.

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