Freshly-picked cannabis/hemp news Debuts Organic Hemp Sneaker-Style Shoes for Kids

(PRWEB) April 22, 2005 is thrilled to announce the debut of their new Organic Hemp ChildrenÂ’s Sneakers! These amazing childrenÂ’s shoes are 100% vegetarian (vegan) and are: cruelty-free, sweatshop-free, leather-free, and are quite simply the most sustainable childrenÂ’s shoes you can buy! They are made with only environmentally-sound materials, including organic hemp uppers and soles made from reclaimed used tires.

“I am so excited about these shoes!” says company owner and founder, Melissa Zenz. “For years, I have been searching for an eco-friendly, vegan shoe for kids. This is one of the top products sought by nearly all vegetarian and vegan parents—it’s mentioned in all of the discussion boards, e-mail lists, and magazines. I could not find anything on the market that met our standards, so I decided to make them.”

The process began with selecting the materials for the shoes. “I prefer natural fibers to synthetics,” says Ms. Zenz, “especially for children’s shoes. Hemp is durable, comfortable, breathable and non-irritating to children’s sensitive skin, and is very resistant to degradation from mold, bacteria, salt water, sunlight, abrasion, and chemicals. It is also completely biodegradable, so the environmental impact is minimal.”

For the soles, chose recycled rubber from reclaimed tires. The laces are also made from soft, durable hemp, and are “strong enough to endure the frustrations of a child learning to tie her shoes!,” according to Ms. Zenz. She continues, “We have had so many requests for lace-up shoes for toddlers, so we needed to ensure our shoes would meet the specific needs of that age-group. We made sure the footbed had extra padding so it would be stiff enough to provide optimal support for beginning walkers, but still be flexible enough to offer maximum comfort.”

To ensure their new organic hemp kids shoes were made with the highest-quality materials in the most environmentally-sound methods possible, turned to Ecolution, an industry leader in manufacturing hemp footwear for men, women, and most-recently, children. All of their childrenÂ’s hemp shoes are made from natural, chemical-free, organic hemp in their factory in Romania, where the company is politically, socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. Ecolution firmly believes in fair trade, and ensures that its workers have safe and comfortable working conditions with opportunities for advancement.

KidBean.comÂ’s new Organic Hemp ChildrenÂ’s Sneakers are currently in production, and are available for pre-orders with deliveries scheduled for the beginning of June. They will be available in kids sizes 4-12 in black, brown, red, orange, purple, natural, navy blue, and sage green. They retail for .50 a pair. Wholesale inquiries are also welcome by contacting

“This is so exciting because itÂ’s exactly what we strive to do.” It has been KidBeanÂ’s goal since its inception in 2001 to launch environmentally-friendly, vegan products into the mainstream market by making them attractive, durable, and affordable. “We feel the price is very competitive,” added Ms. Zenz. “Especially for a product with the added benefits of being earth-friendly and completely vegetarian.”

Envegan, Inc. dba KidBean is a home-based, family-owned and operated Internet business whose mission is to make compassionate consumerism more affordable and appealing by providing a wide variety of the best vegan products at low prices, with exceptional customer service. offers over 500 items including wooden toys, natural cleaning supplies, cloth diapers, baby slings, organic cotton and hemp clothing, herbal and homeopathic remedies, organic mattresses, and wooden furniture. The company strives to sell only products that are made from 100% natural or recycled materials; free from toxic paints, dyes, and glues; never tested on animals; void of animal products and by-products; and produced under humane conditions by companies with fair labor standards.

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