Money Grows On Trees

There is an age-old saying that states: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Whoever said that obviously knew nothing about cannabis hemp.


If growing hemp was legal in the United States, the you could be getting paid to grow cannabis!  I can imagine local growing co-ops; where anyone that owns land could sell their fully grown hemp plants.  These plants would be brought to a processing facility where they could be turned into methanol, biomass fuel, or any of the uncountable other hemp products.

In a true hemp economy – the demand would be high.

Need food?  Hemp will provide it.

Need clothing?  Hemp will provide it.

Need paper?  Hemp will provide it.

Need fuel?  Hemp will provide it.

Need plastic?  Hemp will provide it.

Need building materials?  Again – hemp will provide it.

With every basic need for a good quality of life being provided for by the cannabis hemp plant, we will need plenty of hemp growers.  A couple acres of hemp (harvested twice a year) can produce enough food and biofuel for one person.  The sense of community that would spring from this would probably be foreign to an “advanced society” such as ours.  Everybody growing what they can to support each other.  Everyone being paid to grow cannabis hemp.

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