Cannabis Hemp Should Remain Illegal

We are a much better world with out cannabis hemp.

With alcohol as our only social-lubricant, we don’t need to deal with stoned, paranoid drivers on our roads.  People too high for their own good, fearing death around every intersection.

We are doing an outstanding job feeding the hungry as well.  No thanks to the hemp plant.  There isn’t honestly people dying of malnutrition every few seconds of every day.

Another global problem that we are dealing with in record time is green energy.  Barely any fossil fuels are being used today.  Pollution is basically non-existent and almost every country is self-reliant when it comes to supplying power.

Our forests are flourishing – cutting down trees for paper is a thing of the past.

Because of these remarkable situations, there will be no need for a single source of food, fuel, paper, nor building materials.

Thanks but no thanks, hemp.

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  1. Wow,

    you really must check where you are getting your information from cause it really is disturbing!!!!
    “Pollution is basically non-existent” , haha, are you kidding me,??!!!Do you know that plastic doesn’t biodegrade??? and do you know that only 3 % of the lot is recycled world wide. do you know that with hemp, you can make oil which does not pollute, (and yes i’m guessing your car runs on oxygen dosn’t it??, no pollution!, you can make plastic, you can make cloths, you can HEAL THE SICK!!!! and not give them expensive pills which they buy from international pharmaceutical agencies which worked hard to criminalize hemp in the first place cause they know that Hemp is our God given natural medicine, that s why its been like that for as long as recorded history until in 1937 when the US government decided to start a war on drugs!! And we just followed like sheep. If it were taxed, think of the market and the millions of Euros it would generate!!

  2. hahaha.. Of course this was written in jest Mark.
    It doesn’t get much more pro-hemp than TheHempCloud.
    I just wanted to get some reaction / see if people were paying attention.


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