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A Note on the 5lb Bulk Bag of Coconut Manna

Hi everyone!

We’re so thrilled with the responses that we’ve had to our new Coconut Manna™ product.  It’s delicious, nutritious, and our customers just can’t get enough of it.  Last week, we introduced our 5lb Bulk Bag, and we’ve found that some of our customers are having some trouble dealing with the bulk product.  We wanted to take a moment to outline who the bulk product is perfect for, and how to deal with it once you’ve got it!

Q. Coconut Manna™: How does a person dispense the bulk 5lb Coconut Manna™?
A. The 5lb bulk bag of Nutiva Coconut Manna™ is primarily intended as a food service item. Its main use will be in restaurants and smoothie bars and in food service applications. This unit is not intended for the home user unless they have a strong food preparation background.

The product needs to be melted in its entirety, blended, then poured into smaller containers. If you melt and pour off only a portion; only the oil will be removed. This will result in the remaining material comprised mostly of coconut fiber and protein. If this sounds too challenging please start with our 15oz jar.

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