Wasting Time – Destroying Cannabis Hemp

As you may or may not know, TheHempCloud runs an account on twitter.com that tweets hemp news.  Basically, the news is obtained from all over the web and put in to one, easy-to-find stream.

Once in while, kind of frequently actually, I’ve noticed it tweeting out news blurbs about hemp being destroyed.  Most, if not all of these tweets are about marijuana crops being confiscated and destroyed in Nigeria.  The NDLEA is basically the Nigerian equivalent of the DEA.

I understand that organized crime is not a group that we want associated with cannabis hemp, but there is a part of me that detests seeing this headlines.

When a field or crop of cannabis hemp gets burned down or confiscated, that to me, technically, is a waste of natural resources that will never make it to market.  Granted – these crops are most likely to be classified as medical marijuana at best, but there is so much more that is being wasted.

As people around the globe are starving, there are hemp seeds being destroyed.

The stalks of the cannabis hemp plant that could be used in countless applications (fuel, paper, cloth, etc.) are also being lost every time a crop is destroyed.

It just pains me to see such a beneficial plant, that is in such limited supply, being destroyed; when so much could be made from it.

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