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3 Ways Eating Organic Food Can Help Fight Against Allergies

In a 2009 Louis Bolk Institute study, completed in the Netherlands and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, evidence showed that organic dairy products significantly reduced rates of allergy risks. Of the 2,500 people examined over more than two years, the presence of allergies was reduced by 36 percent with the consumption of organic products.

This study is one of very few that indicates directly the concrete benefits of eating organic foods. There are a considerable number of factors influencing whether or not organic foods really make a difference. There are just as many cases of proponents and opponents of organic food battling over the same idea. Here are three things one can be sure of, though:

1. Organic Food Has More Nutrients

Controversy stems over the benefits of organic foods because some are grown and sold locally, while others are farmed thousands of miles away. While the proximity of the organic foods consumers buy does make a difference, the bottom line is the same: the amount of nutrients in organic foods is between 10 and 20 percent higher than other, non-organic foods.

When our bodies are given plenty of nutrients needed to grow and function, they naturally have an increased strength that is integral in staying healthy. With a diet including a lot of non-organic foods, our bodies are essentially starved of the fuel they need to function in a healthy way. In such a weakened state, allergy risks are higher.

2. Organic Food Has Less Chemicals

In addition to having more of what our bodies do need, organic food has less of what we don’t need. Artificial colors, flavors, additives and pesticides saturate non-organic food. When those chemicals make their way into our bodies they can harm us and impede the regular processes our bodies need to use in order to grow, stay healthy and fight off things like diseases and allergies.

Using basic logic, it’s easy to see that ingredients like flour, wheat, corn and even natural sugars are preferable over things like Red 40, Yellow 5 and partially hydrogenated oils. When natural body systems are bogged down with unnatural chemicals, they cannot function as well. This retardation gives the body a propensity for infection and disease, as well as a susceptibility to prospective allergens.

3. Organic Food Bolsters the Immune System

(Photo by Jason Clemmons.) Local honey is a perfect example of how organic foods can protect against allergies. The low levels of pollen and other allergens present in local honey are like a flu shot for the immune system. The body gets small doses of the would-be hazardous chemicals and allows the immune system the opportunity to build a resistance against them. When non-organic foods are produced, other, manmade chemicals flush out these naturally occurring, immune-system-boosting chemicals.

There is a significant lack of hard evidence proving the abilities of organic foods to ward off or prevent allergies. There are enough testimonials and success stories, however, to warrant at least a personal investigation. At the very least, you will feel better in several ways; eating organic foods provides more energy, better taste and confidence knowing that your body is getting more of what it needs, and less of what it doesn’t.

Jeff Jacobsen is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in with an enthusiasm for organic food.

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