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5 Less-Obvious Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have practically become the face for the Green Movement. With fewer emissions and less fuel usage, hybrids offer eco-conscious drivers an option to help save the environment without dramatically changing their lifestyle (such as switching to bike-only transportation). Along with the obvious environmental benefits of owning a hybrid, here are 5 other reasons you should consider a greener car.

Deductibles and Perks

While some car buyers get sticker shock at the hybrid’s higher purchase price, you must take into account the deductible that can be applied. There are many federal and state tax deductibles that will lower the price of the car, and many banks offer preferential loans for hybrid purchases. Some environmentally conscious companies even offer payouts as large as $5,000 to support hybrid commuters, so check with your employer for any benefits you could receive. Automatic insurance discounts and deductibles are also given to hybrid owners. Companies providing insurance in Calgary, across Canada, and throughout the Unites States are very generous in the discounts they provide. There are also many non-monetary perks that come with driving a hybrid. Many states allow fuel efficient vehicles in the HOV and carpool lanes (even with only one driver). Some schools, companies, and cities also provide dedicated parking spots for hybrid drivers.


With sleek, new designs and materials, hybrid cars are often more compact than comparable gas-powered cars. However, there are still many options for seating—don’t worry, the whole family can fit! Even if you don’t have preferential parking spots, your hybrid can still fit into any space you choose. Compact cars are especially useful in cities, where there is a lot of underground or high-rise parking with low ceiling clearances.

Long-Term Savings

It’s not just gas that you’ll spend less money—the hybrid saves you money in countless in the long run. Overall, hybrids require much less maintenance than a standard car. Longer warrantees ensure battery life, and the original battery in a hybrid can usually last up to 200,000 miles. The engine technology also extends the life of the brake pads, cutting down on replacement costs. If you ever decide to sell your used car, there is good news: hybrids retain their value significantly more than gas-powered models. The resale value of your car will be much higher, giving you a better payout.

Higher Safety Ratings

Along with the compact design discussed earlier, hybrids are also designed with safety in mind. Hybrid cars consistently score above average on safety ratings, making them some of the safest cars on the road. You can be assured that if anything ever happens, you will be safe in your car. This higher safety rating also contributes to the insurance discount.


Hybrids are outfitted with top-of-the-line technologies, both under the hood and on the dashboard. With navigation systems, iPod docks, automatic temperature controls, keyless ignitions, and an informative fuel efficiency display, you are sure to enjoy the luxuries of your car. Because of the electric motor which kicks in during ignition, idling, and lower speeds, you won’t even hear the engine running, cutting down on sound pollution. And for the winter, your hybrid will heat up significantly faster than any other car. The engine is equipped with a thermos-like container of fluid which keeps the engine warm for up to three days. This cuts down on warm-up time during those cold-morning commutes.

If the environmental benefits of a hybrid don’t convince you to make the switch, maybe these 5 hidden benefits will. Enjoy the satisfaction of driving an advanced car with all the trimmings, along with the joy of helping the environment.

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Theo Schmidt has an interest in computer science and engineering, and he uses that interest to fuel his blogging. Theo also enjoys spending time in the outdoors, and he is passionate about protecting the environment.

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