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Environmentally Safe Pest Control

There are few things more disturbing for homeowners than a major pest infestation. If you are a homeowner, you know the panic that comes with spotting a roach in your bathroom or a mouse in your kitchen. If you’re not comfortable with immediately calling in an exterminator, there are a few natural solutions that you can try on your own first.

Catch and Release Traps

Regular mouse traps are often seen as inhumane and don’t really solve the problem at hand. Instead of a traditional mouse trap, buy one that catches the rodent harmlessly so you can then get rid of it in a different way. Make sure you are aware of any restrictions or laws against releasing pests into the wild. Different areas will have laws that mandate you must go a certain distance before releasing it or if you need to turn it into animal services.

High Frequency Transmitters

Ultra sonic repellant will work to get rodents out of your home and keep them away. The repellant emits a high frequency sound that neither you nor your pets can hear but disturbs the rodents enough that they want to get away. These can be purchased either online or at a home improvement store.

Organic Products

Those with small children or beloved pets are often hesitant to bring harsh chemicals into their home. There are organic products available that will work in a similar manner as traditional chemical killers and will not harm the environment or your bodies as you use them. Organic products typically comprise of sprays to keep pests at bay and prevent them from even entering your home.

Essential Oils

Many people swear by essential oils to heal ailments and take care of your body. However, they can also be effective for getting rid of pests. A mixture of peppermint and other oils like cedarwood, lavender, and citronella can work to keep ants, flies, and gnats from invading your home. Simply spray a mixture of water, peppermint oil, and one of the other oils in an area where bugs are invading and watch it work its magic.

Boric Acid Solutions

Boric acid can be found in insecticides, antiseptics, and flame retardants. While boric acid and borax can be harmful if ingested or if humans come in too direct contact with it, it is one of the cleanest materials to mine. Instead of using a pest repellent that you don’t know much about, you can purchase your own boric acid to make cockroach bait. Mixing the boric acid with egg, flour, and sugar will attract the cockroaches. The acid kills the cockroaches and destroys their exoskeleton so that any other cockroaches who feed on the deceased will also be poisoned.


Ants rely heavily on their sense of smell to get around. However, if this sense is disturbed it can keep them away from travelling to a location. This is why ants will not cross over a chalk line. To really throw them off and keep them out of your kitchen, consider mopping your kitchen floor with a water and vinegar solution. Vinegar works well to clean and will keep ants at bay at the same time.

Whatever your pest problem or preferred treatment method, there are ways to get rid of the pests without putting a negative impact on the environment. This will keep our earth and families healthier and happier.

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Theo Schmidt enjoys spending time in the outdoors, and he is passionate about protecting the environment.

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