Hemp About to be an Agricultural Commodity in Indiana?

House and Senate lawmakers have signed off on legislation, Senate Bill 357, to reclassify and regulate industrial hemp. Members of the Senate had initially approved the legislation by a vote of 48 to zero. House members then voted 93 to 4 in favor of a slightly amended version of the measure. Lawmakers in both chambers agreed last […]

5 Less-Obvious Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have practically become the face for the Green Movement. With fewer emissions and less fuel usage, hybrids offer eco-conscious drivers an option to help save the environment without dramatically changing their lifestyle (such as switching to bike-only transportation). Along with the obvious environmental benefits of owning a hybrid, here are 5 other reasons […]

Hemp. Good for the Earth, Good for Our Future.

In a rapidly changing world, alternatives to slow down eco-harmful situations are sought out. One of these alternatives, are using hemp plants instead of trees for a variety of economical and environmental matters. You may be wondering why a hemp plant is an alternative and in what way. Well, I’m here to tell you from […]