HempSense AntiFungal AntiViral Nail Balm Kit

HempSense Natural offers medicated hemp products unlike any other.
They are formulated by a physician, use no parabens or synthetic dyes and their products contain 12% hemp butter.

HempSense Anti Fungal Medicated Nail Balm Kit

Unique natural formula developed by a podiatrist and the only natural Anti-fungal Hemp Nail Balm on the market!

It contains Neem, Hemp, Tea Tree, and Lemon oils infused in bees' wax in a convenient push-up stick.
Grape seed and jojoba oils act as carrier agents designed for easy, no mess application.

This product will clear your nails of fungus without using any acids or harsh chemicals.

Why take expensive pills by mouth for your toenail fungus?

The kit includes 2 tubes of balm, a bar of glycerine based anti-fungal soap, along with instruction on how to use the products to achieve the results you desire -- fungus free nails NATURALLY!

Find more info @ http://hempsensenatural.com/ and try the HempSense AntiFungal AntiViral Nail Balm Kit today !
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