HempSense Diabetic Cream

HempSense Natural offers medicated hemp products unlike any other.
They are formulated by a physician, use no parabens or synthetic dyes and their products contain 12% hemp butter.

HempSense Diabetic Cream

Formulated to address symptoms often associated with diabetes.

This cream is formulated in HempSense's Hemp Seed Butter/Emu base to provide anti-inflammatory relief to both the skin and the nerves in these individuals. They incorporate vasodilaors-Oil of Ginger, Menthol, and Peppermint to relieve the symptoms of poor circulation and pain. They have also included L-Arginine and Vitamin K to support both the venous and arterial blood flow.

Apply twice daily to the affected areas and feel the difference!

Find more info @ http://hempsensenatural.com/ and try HempSense Diabetic Cream today !
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