HempSense Pain Relief Cream

HempSense Natural offers medicated hemp products unlike any other.
They are formulated by a physician, use no parabens or synthetic dyes and their products contain 12% hemp butter.
pain relief cream

Represents the culmination of extensive research into natural herbal remedies for pain.
We have incorporated the anti-inflammatory effects of Hemp Seed Butter and Emu oils with the essential oils of KroTom, Frankincense, Clove, and Menthol along with other herbal actives to create a powerful analgesic formula useful in most all types of pain.
Easy to apply, use twice daily or as needed for pain relief.
Its unique and the 1st of its kind. Amazing!

Find more info @ http://hempsensenatural.com/ and try HempSense pain relief cream today !

Product Review :

These HempSense products are great! They're really not greasy at all, compared to some lotions. They absorb into the skin quickly and leave you with nothing but smooth skin to enjoy. Their pain relief cream also has a cooling sensation on the area and comes with suprisingly informative instructions. The mix of oils in this product not only ease your pain, they smell great too!.
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